no image has ever described my life quite so well
bae rescuing me from the bay!! thanks to my main man for a wonderful week!

Anonymous said: Would u date someone 13 years old?


during a concert
  • me: they're real
  • me: they're REAL
  • me: I love them
  • me: I'm going to cry
  • me: omg
  • me: what
  • me: they're real
"and PULL THE CORD!" #flashdance

all i want in this moment in time is someone to make me a pretty word tumblr thing where it’s just a nice little picture and “we’re talking dreams, baby” written across it.

oh, and i also think sydney sierota should be my friend.
she’s pretty and she’s funny and i’ve known about this band since they were little fetuses called “interstate” and WHY DIDN’T I GO TO WARPED TOUR TO INITIATE THIS FRIENDSHIP?

i’m just in a super echosmith mood.



me in the grocery store when my mom escapes


christian memes is officially too much
If you can’t like Captain America anymore because he’s black, there’s a word for that.
A Theme A Theme